Performance location checklist

Most choir or chorus performances involve some combination of singers and musicians as well as a director. Sometimes this is simple to organise: your accompaniment is simply a piano or keyboard, and there is a good-enough one already available at the location. But sometimes it's a little more complicated than that.

This check-sheet lists things to consider when you are looking at a possible concert or performance location - so you don't come away having forgotten some important details.

Get the template

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What is included in the template


  • Is the venue available for the event, and adequate dress-rehearsals


  • How many people does it seat
  • Are there safety / evacuation plans in place
  • What are the acoustics like
  • What setup is needed for the audience seating
  • What setup is needed for the stage - are risers available

Before the event:

  • Where do the performers (choir and musicians) meet when they arrive
  • Where can they get changed
  • Secure place to leave belongings during the performance
  • What instruments are available
  • what facilities are available for recording the performance
  • Access for bringing instruments and recording equipment
  • Storage for instrument cases
  • Warm up space for the singers and musicians
  • Where to assemble before going on stage
  • How to get on/off the stage

Front of house:

  • How are prior ticket sales handled - is there a charge for this
  • Somewhere to sell and collect tickets at the door
  • How are programmes distributed

During the event:

  • Stage space for all the singers and instruments and musicians
  • Can musicians and singers all see the director
  • Can singers hear the musicians
  • Can the audience see the performers
  • Is there enough light for singers, musicians and the director to see their music
  • Is there stage lighting for the performers to be seen.
  • A microphone for the master-of-ceremonies / host / other speakers
  • Where do singers and musicians go when not singing - does this affect the number of audience seats

Director / conductor needs:

  • Where will they stand
  • How do they enter / exit
  • Is there a microphone for them
  • Is there enough light - can they see their score and be seen

Audience needs:

  • Where do the audience wait when they arrive
  • Are there toilets
  • Facilities for the interval / intermission
  • Adequate seating and heating or air-conditioning
  • Are ushers needed, who provides these

Sponsors / partners

  • Space for sponsor or fund-raising partners to display information