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Time has Made a Change in Me

Rise Up Singing lists this song as anonymous, however the Digital Tradition attributes it to Harkins Freye.

Mudcat discussions say that "the words can be found in any of several Stamps-Baxter hymnals", but I have not been able to determine exactly which ones, or any source of sheet music for the song.

RUS says that the song is in 3/4 time, and suggests a guitar chord pattern of:

Verse: D - G D / A7 - G D / - - G D / - A7 D -/
Chorus: G - D - / - - E A / D - G D / - A7 D - /


Time has made a change since my childhood days
Many of my friends have gone away
Some I never more in this life will see
Time has made a change in me.

Time has made a change in the old home place
Time has made a change in each smiling face
And I know my frinds can plainly see
Time has made a change in me.

When I reach my home in the great somewhere
With my friends who wait to meet me over there
Free from pain and care I'll forever be
Time has made a change in me.

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