Hymn for the Russian Earth

The origin of this folk-style song is unknown:  Rise Up Singing credits it to Yuri Zaritsky and Eugene Friesen, due to it being included in Paul Winter's 1984 Concert for the Earth with this attribution. But no further evidence of this has been found. There are many alternatives versions of the lyrics in use but none which are in the nature of the series.

The song is usually sung as a four part round, with a new part entering at the start of each line.



As a conga-style dance

Vocal only - performed as a round


If the people lived their lives,
As if it were a song for singing out of light
Provides the music for the stars
To be dancing circles in the night.

ABC Notation

Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
T:Hymn for the Russian Earth
O:Geographical origin
"Dm" D3 E "G" F2 G2 | "F" F2 E2 "Dm" D3 A, |
"Dm" DE FG A3A | "Am" d>d dc A3 A |
"Dm" B3 A (GA ) B2 | "Am" A3 G "F" F2 EF |
"G" G3 F "Am" EA, F>E | "Dm"D8 ]