M-O-T-H-E-R (The Word That Means The World To Me)

This sentimental World War I era song of appreciation for Mother was written by American Navy-veteran and song-writer Howard E. Johnson (1887–1941).

It was set to a tune written, likely for the text, by American musician and popular-music composer Theodore F. Morse (1873–1924).

Many people sing with only use the chorus, but the song also also has two verses.

It is frequently sung in churches on Mother's Day / Mothering Sunday - but it has no specifically religious words, and could be used in any setting.      

Canadian-born popular singer and entrepreneur Henry Burr (born Harry McClaskey) made the first recording of the song.   A performance by Eva Tanguay, (1878-1947) drove sales of sheet music which was first released in 1915 by Leo Feist Inc of New York, USA.