M-O-T-H-E-R (The Word That Means The World To Me)

This World War I era song of appreciation for Mother was written by American Navy-veteran and song-writer Howard E. Johnson (1887–1941).

It was set to a tune, which was probably composed for the text, by American musician and popular-music composer Theodore F. Morse (1873–1924).

Many people only sing the chorus, but the original song also has two verses.

It is frequently sung in churches on Mother's Day / Mothering Sunday - but it has no specifically religious words, and can be used in any setting.      

Canadian-born popular singer and entrepreneur Henry Burr (born Harry McClaskey) made the first recording of the song.   A performance by Eva Tanguay, (1878-1947) drove sales of sheet music which was first released in 1915 by Leo Feist Inc of New York, USA.