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A list of songs about singing

A list of songs about singing, or at least with the idea of singing in the title.

Initially from Rise Up Singing's title list, with others added as I come across them.

If there are others that you can suggest, please leave a comment below.

Title Author RUS page
Heart of Christ we Sing your Praises n/a
I Sing a Song of the Saints of God n/a
I Sing the Mighty Power of God n/a
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing TBA n/a
Let all the World in Every Corner Sing n/a
Lift Every Voice And Sing! Johnson, J. Rosamund / Johnson, James Weldon 61
Lord, I Got Some Singing To Do Schmertz, Robert 153
Now Let Us Sing Windom, A. B. 45
Sing Along Malvina Reynolds 242
Sing And Rejoice Guthe, William 47
Sing of a Girl in the Ripening Wheat Damian Lundyn/a
Sing with all the Saints in Glory
Singing For Our Lives Near, Holly 218
Something To Sing About Brand, Oscar 4
Songs of Thankfulness and Praise Wordsworth, Christopher n/a
To Sing For You Leitch, Donovan 26
Thank you for the Music ABBA n/a
To Music (Thou Holy Art) ? n/a

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