Choir committee meeting minutes template

If your choir has a committee, then you may need to take notes about the decisions made at committee meetings.
  • Sometimes meetings are informal, and no notes are made.    (And quite often the decisions made at meetings like this are forgotten, or everyone leaves with a different idea about what was decided!)
  • Sometimes choir meetings are very formal, eg an Annual General Meeting, and the meeting minutes need to be recorded in a special format for the type of organisation.   (This depends on the laws in your country).

Most times you need simple notes, which record the decisions made (including who is responsible for doing what), and some background notes.

This template is for the last type of meeting:  it reminds you to record the key details from the meeting.

Get the template

  • Click the Word icon to a blank version of the form, which you can download and edit in Microsoft Word format.
  • Click the PDF icon to get a blank version of the form, which you can print and use for hand-written minutes.   (This has been altered a little, to allow room for hand-writing.

What does the template contain?

The choir name

Change this to your choir - or add the subcommittee name if it's appropriate.

Meeting date

When the meeting occurred.   At a very formal meeting, you may also record the starting and ending times.

Meeting location or venue

Name of the place where the meeting was held.


The names of everyone who attended.   Also note who chaired the meeting, and who took the notes.


the names of everyone who was invited, but sent a message saying they would not be able to attend.

Item number - decisions / actions / discussions - Action by / due

Use this section to record the decisions which were made.   Don't try to capture the reason for each decision - just the final conclusion.   Do record who will do what, and when it needs to be done by, ie the due-date.

What does the template look like?

picture of meeting notes / minutes / records / decisions / actions / tracking sheet

Is anything missing? 

I've used this template for my own choir committee minutes, and it worked well.  But maybe there is something we should add - what would you like to see there?    Leave a message in the Comments box at the bottom of the page.