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Rustling.org and "Rise Up Singing"

Rise Up Singing is a book which forms the basis of community singing initiatives all over the world.  It was created by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson, and first published in 1988.  It is supported by a set of teaching CDs that can be purchased separately.

The book has received rave reviews all over the internet.   Even the critical reviews admit that it's an outstanding collection, because it brings so much material together in such an accessible format.

But it is always hard to decide whether to buy a book without knowing  exactly what it contains.   Some people are disappointed because of the Christian / religious theme of many of the songs, or because the book only has guitar chords (in its own special notation) but not a melody-line score for the majority of the songs.

RUSTLing.org ("Rise Up Singing, The Listing") was initially
a listing of all the songs in the book, by title.   
Maybe it will help you decide that the book is for you, and therefore to buy it.  But I will be happy if you decide that it's not what you're looking for, and that you should invest in something else and save the tree that would otherwise have given its life to making a copy that sits on your bookshelf, gathering dust.

From Rise up Singing to Rustling.Org

Over the years I have developed many other lists, templates, forms and guidelines are useful for people who organise group-singing.

So Rustling grew from "Rise Up Singing the List"  to

"Resources for Singing Together"

and now aims to be a general-purpose resource site for people learning about and leading group singing initiatives.

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