Ain't Gonna let Nobody Turn me Around

This song is a song of empowerment. It closely related to the Afro-American spiritual "Don't you let nobody turn you round".  It  can have verses added to suit various occasions.  and there are many variations in use.


Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around,
Turn me around, turn me around!
Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around;
Keep on a-walkin' Keep on a-talkin',
Marchin' down to freedom's land.

Repeat the verse as many times as you like, replacing "nobody" with any of:
  • segregation
  • no jail
  • no police
  • no killin's
  • no despair
  • names of individuals, eg Principal Skinner
and any other words that fit the theme of the use of the song.



Close harmony group, professional recording:
Singer and backing group with band at a live performance:

Gospel choir with band:

Singer with synthesizer: