Rise Up Singing: Song-titles - V - W

Title Author Page
Valley Of Strathmore Stewart, Andy M. 128
Vesper Hymn Moore, Thomas / Exner, Max V. 197
Victor Jara Guthrie, Arlo / Mitchel, Adrian 219
Vine And Fig Tree (lo Yisa Goy) Traditional Hebrew / Minkoff, Fran / Jaffa, Leah M. 198
Violets Of Dawn Anderson, Eric 33
Viva La Quince Brigada Traditional / Schelling, Bart Van Der 219
Vive La Cookery Maid Traditional 91
Vive L'amour Traditional 91
Voices From The Mountains Taubb, Rutthy 150
Wabash Cannonball Unknown 236
Wade In The Water Traditional Spiritual 63
Wait Til The Sun Shines, Nellie Von Tilzer, Harry / Sterling, Andrew 82
Walk In Jerusalem Traditional Spiritual 212
Walk Shepherdess Walk Farjeon, Eleanor 33
Waltz Across Texas Tubb, Quannah Talmadge (billy) 27
Waltzing Matilda Paterson, A. B. banjo 186
Waltzing With Bears Marxen, Dale / Poddanym Eugene / Seuss, Dr. 76
Wanderin' Unknown 236
Wasn't That A Tune? Hays, Lee / Lowenfels, Walter 220
Wassail Song Traditional English 91
Water Is Wide, The Unknown 15
Waterfall Williamson, Cris 105
Waydy Bug And Wittle Woim Sedberry, Stephen 38
Wayfaring Stranger Traditional Spiritual 105
Ways Of Man, The Bok, Gordon 207
We Are All One Planet Scott, Molly 39
We Are Building A Strong Union jacob's Ladder / Marion Textile Workers 260
We Are The Flow Mountainwater, Shekinah 198
We Can Work It Out Lennon, John / Mccartney, Paul 105
We Don't Need The Men Reynolds, Malvina 251
We Hate To See Them Go Reynolds, Malvina 187
We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus Raney, Wayne 97
We Shall Not Be Moved Black Spiritual i Shall Not Be Moved / Textile Workers 260
We Shall Overcome Horton, Zilphia / Hamilton, Frank / Carawan, Guy / Seeger, Pete 63
Wear It As Long As You Can Mays, Barbara 48
Weave Me The Sunshine Yarrow, Peter 120
Wedding Banquet,the Winter, Sr. Miriam Therese 48
Wedding Song Unknown 129
We'll Understand It Better By And By Tindley, Charles A. 98
We're Off To See The Wizard Arlen, Harold / Harburg, E. Y. 178
Were You There? Traditional Spiritual 212
What A Day Of Victory Traditional Hymn / Wade, Marion 120
What A Friend We Have In Jesus Converse, Charles C. / Scriven, Joseph 98
What Did You Learn In School Today? Paxton, Tom 6
What Do I Do Pelham, Ruth 68
What Have They Done To The Rain Reynolds, Malvina 39
What If The Russians Don't Come? Hoose, Phil 165
What The World Needs Now Bacharach, Burt / David, Hal 120
What To Do Jones, Peter / Jones, Steve 141
What you do with What you've Got Si Khan 243
What'll I Do With This Baby-o Richtie, Jean 113
What's That I Hear? Ochs, Phil 220
Wheels On The Bus Unknown 178
When all Thy Names are One Traditional 243
When I First Came To This Land Brand, Oscar 178
When I Needed a Neighbour Sydney Carter 243
When I Was A Fair Maid Unknown 207
When I'm Gone Ochs, Phil 229
When I'm Sixty-four Lennon, John / Mccartney, Paul 229
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ball, Ernest R. / Graff, George / Olcott, Chauncey 82
When Jesus Wept Billings, William 198
When The Roll Is Called Up Younder Black, James M. 98
When The Saints Go Marching In Traditional Spiritual 213
When The Ship Comes In Dylan, Bob 220
When You Wore A Tulip Wenrich, Percy / Mahoney, Jack 82
Where Could I Go? Coats, J. B. 98
Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Seeger, Pete 165
Where Is Love Bart, Lionel 113
Which Side Are You On? Traditional lay The Lily Low / Reece, Florence 260
Whiffenpoof Song, The Minigerode, Meade / Pomeroy, George S. / Galloway, Tod B. 82
While Strolling Through The Park Haley, Ed 82
White Collar Holler, The Russell, Nigel 260
White Sands And Gray Sands Public Domain 192
Who Built The Ark Unknown 179
Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot? Unknown 15
Why Oh Why Guthrie, Woody 113
Why Shouldn't My Goose Public Domain 192
Wild Mountain Thyme Traditional Scottish 157
Wild Rover Unknown 237
Wild West Is Where I Want To Be, The Lehrer, Tom 76
Will The Circle Be Unbroken Gabriel, Charles H. / Winter, Cathy / Rose, Betsy / Taylor, Marcia 98
Will You Love Me Tomorrow? King, Carole / Goffin, Gerry 129
Willie Of Winsbury Unknown 15
Willin' Lowell, George 237
Willing Conscript, The Paxton, Tom 165
Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues, The Anonymous / alcoholic Blues 260
Witch Song Lockhart, Bonnie 251
With A Little Bit Of Luck Loewe, Frederick / Lerner, Alan Jay 141
With A Little Help From My Friends Lennon, John / Mccartney, Paul 68
With God On Our Side Dylan, Bob 165
Woke Up This Morning Rev. Osby 64
Woman At The Well, The Traditional Spiritual 213
Woman In Your Life, The Dobkin, Alix 252
Woman She Hold Up, The Sordill, Willie 142
Wondrous Love Traditional American 48
Work Of The Weavers, The Traditional Scottish 261
Working Girl Blues Dickens, Hazel 261
World Turned Upside Down (the Diggers' Song) Rosselson, Leon 187
Worried Man Traditional American 105
Wouldn't It Be Loverly Loewe, Frederick / Lerner, Alan Jay 113
Woyaya Ose, Teddy / Amartia, Sol / Amao, Loughty Lasisi / Tontoh, Mac / Richardson, W. / Bailey, R. M. / Bedau, R. 120
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies Unknown 16
Wynken, Blynken And Nod Traditional / Field, Eugene 136